There are only 30 days left for you to win your election. We know you’re working hard for every last vote, and we want to help. As you make the final push, here are some ideas we have that can put you over the top. 

AB Push + Chase

Our live calls and peer-to-peer text messages allow your campaign to have one-on-one conversations without bogging down your volunteers. We can ask important questions, provide information about your stance on issues, chase AB ballots, or make a push to voters to vote early. Locking in your early votes will be your foundation to build on for Election Day.


We can help you influence persuadable voters with a smart, effective live-call campaign. Our team will help you write an easy-to-understand script that delivers well and keeps voters on the line longer. We can even personalize the message based on where each voter stands – whether that’s a heartfelt thank you to supporters, or a hard-hitting contrast message. We’ll even help you with the timing and universe selection. 

Low Propensity Voters

Low propensity and undecided voters are notoriously hard to reach. Your campaign budget probably includes TV, digital, and social media ads, all targeted at this group. That’s great … you should keep doing that! But the only way to SHARE your sound and video … AND engage voters in a conversation about what they’ve seen, is through peer-to-peer text messaging. We can more finely target this universe, find out what these voters think, and then turnout the ones that support you.

With less than 30 days to Election Day, it’s time to turn to the experts to put a plan in place to put you over the top. We’re here to help! Contact us at 1-888-722-4704 or by email.