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Live ID, Persuasion, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Our live ID, persuasion, and Get Out The Vote calls give Republican candidates and conservative organizations a winning edge. Our team gathers critical information, persuasively communicates your message, and efficiently mobilizes supporters for a robust GOTV effort.

Last minute project? No problem. We can launch your live call campaign quickly, without compromising quality or effectiveness. We deliver results, not delays. At CampaignHQ, we make more than phone calls: we make winning connections.

conTEXT: Full Service P2P texting

Texting is a fast, effective way to engage your audience on mobile phones. From introducing your candidate, to countering attacks, persuading undecided voters, and turning out constituents - we've got you covered. Share text, images, videos, and GIFs; we can even track link clicks.

 Our 100% full-service team manages your campaign from setup to delivery, saving you time and money by eliminating unnecessary contacts. We can even write your message, devise or edit your creatives, and manage your list. With evolving carrier standards, compliance matters - we'll handle the frustrating details of 10DLC registration so you can focus on winning.

Patch Through Calls & Texts

Nothing grabs a politician's attention like calls from their electorate. Our patch through calls and texts inform constituents, then connect them directly to their elected officials. We target specific districts, explain your issue, and transfer supporters to voice their opinion. All you have to do is decide how many phone calls you want each lawmaker to receive each day. It's fast, easy, and measurable.

We've helped hundreds of winning public affairs campaigns push lawmakers to vote the right way. If you need a bill to pass (or fail), then patch through calls and texts will make your voice heard where it counts.

Custom Issue Advocacy + Voter Contact Plans

Want to know how our client got $87,000 worth of voter contact for $50,000, and won by 9 points in a heavily targeted swing district? Don't just hire a vendor to make phone calls and send text messages. Hire experts who are capable of using the phone to advance your cause. We'll put together a schedule, write your scripts, and manage your data, making sure all components align.

If you're tired of texting people who already voted or calling people who don't support you, let's talk about how you can benefit from a carefully integrated, well-managed phone plan.

Telephone Townhalls

Another reason we're the top Republican phone vendor in the USA? Our team can help you speak to an audience of hundreds, or even thousands, with a telephone townhall. We dial out to both mobile and landline phones to reach the right people, wherever they are. Our expert team will help you maximize audience participation and collect actionable data, while you answer audience questions and share critical information about your campaign or issue.

You can recruit volunteers, poll the audience, and collect email addresses. We'll even help you stream the event  online and share the best sound clips afterward. With CampaignHQ, you won't waste time worrying about the details. Your event will run smoothly from start to finish, and will give you the results you want.

Automated Calls

Believe it or not, right now, 20-25% of your targeted audience will have landline phones. These people tend to be older and have lived in their homes longer. They're also more likely to vote and speak to their lawmakers on issues that matter to them. Can you afford to miss out on quarter of your list?

Automated calls are the fastest, most affordable way to reach a landline audience and deliver your message or survey. CampaignHQ's expert team will help you integrate robocalls, recorded messages, and automated surveys into your winning strategy. 

Text 2 Online Survey

Text 2 Online Survey is a game-changer in engaging voters beyond the text. Quickly surveying voters and constituents on their mobile phones is just the start: it's an all-in-one-solution for persuasion, recruitment, and mobilization.

You can persuade undecided voters, recruit volunteers, and collect email addresses. It's fast, easy, and our CHQ experts will handle all the details.

Issue Impact Pages

Issue Impact Pages are customized landing pages that enable advocates to email their lawmakers on your issue with the click of a button. Voters simply enter their name, address, and email, and we do the rest! We help you target constituents in crucial districts via text and seamlessly integrate with your existing social, digital, and email efforts. 

You'll receive daily updates on advocates and their contacts, and you'll be able to review video testimonials for added impact. At CHQ, pages can be set up quickly - no more hassle of extended contracts or lengthy onboarding and education processes. The most effective public affairs campaigns mobilize grassroots support through many channels, including phone and email. We'll make your message count!

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