Careers: Is CampaignHQ Right for You?

We are a team of intensely motivated voter contact experts who help our clients win elections and public policy battles by identifying, persuading, and turning out the right people.

It’s time for a new career. At CampaignHQ, we are political voter contact experts who quickly and effectively deliver our clients’ message, using live calls, automated calls, text messages, and telephone townhalls. We serve as a strategic partner to many of the nation’s top Republican candidates, consultants, and public policy organizations.

Our clients give so much of themselves to advance their agenda. They deserve a partner who can quickly and effectively move the needle for them, who knows what’s needed AND can get it done every time, no matter what.

Does that sound like you? Check out the list of open positions, and let’s get the conversation started. Send your resume to or call us at (888) 722-4704.

Open positions in our Washington, DC office:

Operations Coordinator (Alternate title: Support Team Specialist)

As an Operations Coordinator at CampaignHQ, you will be a critical member of our team, responsible for setting up and executing projects for our clients. Operations Coordinators ensure every candidate, consultant, and public affairs group receives best-in-class service and results. Interested? Click here to apply.

What makes CampaignHQ so effective? It’s the four CORE VALUES shared by our team:

Relentless Drive

For our team of political operatives, a Relentless Drive means we tackle every challenge with unyielding determination. We’re always eager to take on the next big campaign, secure any crucial last-minute votes, and push the boundaries of what’s possible within the political arena.

Ready for Anything

In the fast-paced world of politics, being Ready for Anything means we don’t just accept change; we thrive in the unexpected and can switch gears on a dime when the situation requires it. We welcome new ideas and approaches, continuously learning and adapting to stay at the forefront of the political landscape.

Together, We Triumph

Politics is a team sport, and we understand that the power of collaboration is only possible through mutual trust, respect, and clear communication. Together, We Triumph: whether it’s a groundbreaking campaign strategy, a creative messaging approach, or simply supporting one another. We treat our clients like integral members of our winning team, working tirelessly to ensure our efforts achieve their goals.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Attention to detail is our hallmark. CHQ Team Members know that the smallest elements can make the biggest difference. We meticulously maintain our culture and follow processes to ensure every project runs seamlessly, guaranteeing campaign success.

Are you relentlessly driven, ready for anything, and team and detail oriented? Let’s get to know each other! Send your resume to or call us at (888) 722-4704.

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Perks and Benefits

Professional Development

We take your professional and personal growth seriously. We want you to achieve your personal and professional dreams and to advance in your career without having to find a new campaign each election cycle. Beyond your initial training, we’ll work with you to develop an individualized plan for your growth. This includes online courses for skill building, leadership development, and personal coaching.

Health Benefits 

Our employees are eligible for health benefits within the first 30 days of hire and can choose from six different health care plans through Aetna. All health plans also include access to Teledoc Virtual Health, Talkspace Online Mental Health, and Health Advocate Healthcare Support. We also offer dental and vision plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), short and long term disability.


We care about your future. Every employee is offered 401(k) plans starting your first day of employment with a 4% employer match. That’s right … we’ll match every dollar you invest in your future up to 4% of your annual pay, tax free.

Paid Time Off

CampaignHQ offers paid holidays in addition to 12 paid days off annually.

2X / Year Performance Reviews

Hate waiting until the end of the year to find out how you’re doing? Twice a year, our team conducts performance reviews (and raises). Although, we won’t make you wait until your review to get the feedback, coaching, and encouragement you need to be a rock star.

The Ultimate Perk: Location for your new career

With our headquarters in Iowa and office in Washington, D.C., we offer two unbeatable lifestyle experiences. Regardless of location, our team is tight-knit and highly collaborative. You’ll feel at home and part of the family.


Do you want to be at the heart of the action, where the company was founded, and our leadership team is accessible by shouting over the wall? Do you nerd out on Presidential caucus trivia? Our Iowa headquarters is the perfect place for you. Iowa team members love the affordable cost of living. Many own their own homes, with plenty of room for kids and pets to run outside. Their kids attend great public schools and play in safe neighborhoods. Ever dreamed of owning a horse or chickens? You’ll love it here. Don’t worry … we have plenty of great restaurants and fun things to do, too.


For political junkies like us, living and working in the nation’s capital is a dream come true. You’ll be a quick Metro or Uber ride away from seeing many of our largest clients in person, with the opportunity to represent CampaignHQ at meetings and events. Additionally, the cultural experiences in Washington, D.C. are hard to beat. Our office is located in a historic, renovated townhouse on Capitol Hill, with windows that look directly out to our next door neighbor, the NRSC.