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For more than 20 years, CampaignHQ has been a trusted partner to deliver millions of effective Voter ID, Persuasion, Patch Through and GOTV calls, and peer-to-peer text messages for winning campaigns and conservative organizations.

We’re known for creative solutions, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, and legendary customer service. The next time you need an important message delivered well… to landlines, mobile phones, or both…

Let CampaignHQ treat you like a member of our family!

Meet the CampaignHQ Family

Nicole Schlinger


Nicole has two decades of experience in grassroots voter contact, issue mobilization and strategic campaign consulting. She launched CampaignHQ in 1999. Campaign & Elections magazine has twice named Nicole a top political influencer, and the Des Moines Register named her one of the “50 Most Wanted Republicans.” She loves reading, freedom and Kate Spade handbags. When it comes to winning, Nicole knows what’s fashionable.

Walter Haynie

Chief Operating Officer

Walter has held many roles at CampaignHQ over the years. As Chief Operating Officer, he brings all of the pieces together, making CHQ an even better experience for our clients, our employees, and the voters and constituents receiving messages from us. In his free time, Walter enjoys spending time with his family in the great outdoors. He will leave no stone unturned to help our clients win.

Ken Tracy

Executive Vice President for Client Success

Ken brings over 15 years of successful telephone voter contact experience to CampaignHQ’s clients. He understands the frustrations and pressure campaigns are under, so he will make it fast and easy to get your message delivered. In his free time, you’ll find him watching his daughter play competitive hockey. When it comes to getting your message delivered, Ken will make sure your call and text projects are never on thin ice.

Jessica Wilcox

Director of Support

The team knows they can count on Jess at the drop of a hat. She claims that she makes a great trivia partner. When it comes to helping clients win, she knows all the right answers. 

Nicole Mottier

Senior Data Management Specialist

Nicole, or Mottier as she’s called around the office, started at CampaignHQ as a data intern while still in college. As our Senior Data Management specialist, she coordinates the team ensuring your reports and data are delivered accurately and on time every day. She’s been a competitive bowler since she was 8 years old, and she’ll bowl you over with her SQL knowledge and expert data services.

Martha Waffles

Chief Canine Officer

Waffles loves Greenies, bacon and zoomies, in that order. This spunky little rescue wiener dog keeps things exciting around the CampaignHQ office. No one keeps elected officials in line and makes them heel better than Waffles and the CampaignHQ team. 

Spencer Flake

Senior VP of Client Success

Spencer brings a broad range of experiences to CampaignHQ. He once worked as a fishing guide in Alaska. He’ll help you catch the big one.

Robert Johnson

VP of Client Success

Robert has assisted with political campaigns across the country. Before coming to CampaignHQ, he worked for a prominent nationwide issue advocacy organization. Robert’s favorite trip was hiking above Exit Glacier in Alaska. He’ll move mountains to help you win your race or your issue.

Timothy Enyart

VP of Strategic Initiatives

Tim is a veteran of statehouse campaigns and enjoys working with grassroots conservative organizations particularly on legislative issues. Tim likes to travel to historic landmarks. He’ll put your campaign or issue on the map.

Kalli Close

Campaign Director

Kalli has served in various positions within a Congressional office and is experienced in both the official and campaign sides. She loves spending time with her family and her dog, Oliver, as well as listening to music and dancing. She will have you breaking out your victory dance in no time!

Devin Sullivan

Campaign Director

Devin served as one of the youngest political consultants on Pres. Trump’s campaign, and he understands what it takes to win.  In his free time, Devin enjoys traveling the U.S and spending time with his friends. He’ll go to the ends of the earth to give your campaign or issue the winning edge.

Malungisa Mndzebele

Data Management Specialist

Malu hails from the Kingdom of Eswatini in Africa. Working at CampaignHQ, Malu and the team get to work on a wide range of issues that make a significant impact. In his free time, he loves to go for a run. Malu will go the extra mile to make sure you get your high quality data back FAST.

Landon Luko

Data Management Engineer

Landon’s a programmer who has professional experience in quickly providing data for clients to improve their projects and he’s put those skills to good use at CampaignHQ. Landon happens to be ambidextrous, so he knows how to balance our clients’ data needs.

Jennifer Johannes

Office Administrator

Jennifer has years of knowledge and experience in office administration and she loves combining that expertise with her passion for politics. A fun fact about Jennifer is that she’s never been on an airplane. With her in charge of the office, our planes are always on time. 

Sue Helleso

Support Team Member

Sue knows the ins and outs of CampaignHQ and is skilled when it comes to managing and helping her co-workers. In her free time, Sue likes to play piano at church and even occasionally lead services. Sue leaves us all singing her praises.  

Shayla Uber

Support Team Specialist

Shayla started her career as a registered nurse, but her passion for politics drew her to CampaignHQ. She loves seeing the responses voters have across the country when responding to text messages. You can rest assured she’ll keep your campaign healthy. 

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