We all know that text messages are one of the most effective ways to contact supporters. You can use texts to introduce your issue, inform folks about important deadlines, respond to negative attacks, or even share photos and videos. But what if you could text constituents, survey them, track their responses, and collect their contact information…all at the same time?

That’s why we’re launching our Text 2 Online Surveys – to help you keep supporters informed, capture their contact information so you can activate them later on, and even influence lawmakers by showing them the results of your survey.

Have concerns that your universe isn’t big enough to facilitate a Text 2 Online Survey campaign? Our team can easily pull lists for you! We’ll even scrub the data afterwards, ensuring you receive actionable insights in return. In other words, we do the work, and you get the credit.

If you’re trying to get an issue passed, Text 2 Online Surveys are for you. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Do you support the issue?
  • Do you agree that we need to lower costs by solving the issue?
  • Do you think your lawmakers should join me in supporting the issue?
  • We need your input! Do you believe the issue is making life easier or harder for you?

We can even fully customize your landing page and survey script with emojis, custom fonts, your logo, and your brand.

We have what it takes to get you across the finish line. Whether it’s identifying where your constituents stand on your issue, answering FAQs, or simply collecting email addresses, CampaignHQ will help deliver your message, stay connected, and WIN your issue with Text 2 Online Surveys.