There’s no doubt that text messages are one of the most effective voter engagement tools a campaign can use. You and I send texts every day – sending a campaign text can’t be hard, right? 

Unfortunately, communicating your message to voters via text message has become increasingly difficult. The cell phone carriers are blocking your messages. 10DLC registration is confusing and frustrating. Voters receive more texts, making them easier to ignore if done wrong. 

Our team at CampaignHQ is more committed than ever to making this process easy, pain-free and most of all…effective, so you can WIN.

Our full-service texting allows you to share text, images, and videos while you introduce your candidate or issue, deliver late-breaking information, fight negative attacks, or ask questions. We can even track who clicked your link.

Here are the four things you should be doing with texts:

Track Engagement: If you are asking voters to visit a landing page to sign a petition, learn more about your campaign, or find their voting location … you need to know exactly who clicked that link so you can follow up accordingly. Let us help you track voters down to the individual level with trackable links.  

Question everything: If you want to garner engagement with your text messages, ask a question. We can create a quick, easy, effective text-to-online survey. You can do more than just simply poll your audience. You can persuade and ask for their vote, find out if they plan to vote by mail or in person, ask them to volunteer, and even collect email addresses. Our team will help you write your script to provide useful information and insights in return.

Tell a Richer Story: With CampaignHQ’s texts, you can send a gif, image, or even an mp4 video. Make your message easy to read using emojis to separate bullet points, using bold underline and italics  to emphasize your most important points.  

Keep it brief: Be careful when it comes to abbreviations. Keep your message concise and to the point.

Text messages are for everyone, regardless of whether the race is big or small. Here’s an example:

During the pandemic, one of our clients was running a primary election campaign for local office. He couldn’t afford broadcast TV ads and did not go door to door due to the pandemic. Instead, his wife recorded a video of him, talking directly to voters, on her iPhone from their living room.

Our team texted the video to every primary voter, and the response was overwhelming. People loved seeing the authentic candidate, speak to them straight from the heart, and the candidate got to take his message directly to voters. It was a winning combination.  

We’ll help you win too. Whether it’s using a sending a video, using a voter’s name, the name of their town, voting location, or any other factors, CampaignHQ will make your text messages stand out.