Have you heard of Vote Tripling?

It’s the latest tactic used by the Left to leverage the power of friends asking friends to vote.

Here’s how it works: Every time you get a commitment to vote – whether it’s at the door, by phone, by text, or online – you immediately ask that person to call or text three friends or family members to remind them to vote.

That’s it!

In a 2019 study, voter outreach efforts like Vote Tripling, aimed at increasing turnout by leveraging people’s social networks, increased turnout 13.2 percent!

But you don’t need an academic study to understand why this works.

When you need a recommendation – whether it’s a restaurant, a doctor, or someone to mow your lawn – you turn to the people you know and trust. That’s why your friend’s opinion on the best restaurant is more important than Yelp reviews from strangers.

So what are you waiting for? Why allow the Left to take advantage of the most powerful tool in voter turnout while you sit on the sidelines?

Let’s add Vote Tripling to your next live call, automated call, or text messaging project.

Give us a call and we’ll write the script and develop your winning strategy.

PS: Pilot projects in 2020 showed that about 65% of the voters who said they would contact three people followed through on their commitment.

Think about your limited budget and your ability to expand the number of voter contacts that are made on your behalf. If you are in a close election right, can you afford NOT to try this?