With CampaignHQ, you’re not just getting a phone vendor. You’re getting an experienced team who work as an extension of your campaign, taking work off your plate so your staff and volunteers can focus where they have the biggest impact.

With CampaignHQ here’s what you’ll get:

  • More voter contact for your money: We’ve saved campaigns 40% on their overall voter contact budget by making sure you don’t contact people who can’t or won’t vote for you.
  • Voter contact experts: Our team will make your message stand out with our proven script-writing process and we’ll make sure you stay in compliance.
  • Full-service vendor: We don’t just execute your calls and texts, we help you develop your message and scripts, design text graphics, train and schedule our team on your messages, manage your lists, handle the software, compliance and delivery issues, and dive deep on your data. From start to finish, we’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to.

At CampaignHQ, we help you identify, persuade, and turnout voters, by phone and text, to move the needle so you can win. Whether your race is big or small, in a deep red or deep blue district, we can help.

Here’s an example:

Our client was running for mayor in a Democrat-leaning city where, in the last presidential election, Democrats held a 57% voting advantage. The same Democrat held the mayoral seat for 14 years, and Democrat fundraising more than doubled that of the Republicans. This was an uphill battle.

The CampaignHQ team:

  • Worked with the local Republicans to create a strategic plan that maximized every contact and every dollar.
  • Delivered a series of optimistic and deadline-oriented messaging texts
  • Broke down the data by voting preferences and reached out directly to voters with targeted, unique, strategically-timed messaging.
  • Delivered 17 waves of text messages, totaling 49,743 texts sent.

When the ballots were counted, our client was victorious, flipping a 14-year Democrat-held seat by over 1,400 votes, resulting in a 10% boost in GOP turnout.

Let’s set up a call to discuss your campaign. With your budget and goals in mind, we’ll craft a strategy to identify, persuade, and mobilize your target audience. Don’t risk losing a close election by just a few votes. Schedule your calls and texts with CampaignHQ today.