If you’ve delayed your campaign’s voter contact push this summer, you may be falling behind.

We get it – the summer months make contacting voters harder. Your door knockers are sick of the heat, people aren’t interested in hearing from you this early, or maybe you’ve just been so busy that you haven’t started identifying supporters yet.

No matter the reason, CampaignHQ’s text messages and phone calls can get you back on track.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: CHQ Experts Explain the Importance of Voter ID

Using text messages to contact voters can help you get the results you’ve been expecting…in half the time!

We can help draft a script, scrub your cellphone list, and we’ll even handle getting you 10DLC verified so you don’t have to waste time filling out paperwork.

We can also solve many of your other problems with conTEXT:

  • Encourage voters to attend your Telephone Townhalls or other events
  • Share event information like date, time, and location
  • Inform voters
  • Answer FAQs
  • Give early, absentee, or Election Day voting updates

Our team will make your texts and calls stand out by fully customizing your message. We’ll write effective, straightforward scripts that use voters’ first names as well as the name of their town, and inform them of their voting locations.

Whether it’s voter ID, event turnout, or surveys, let us take the weight off your shoulders. CHQ is ready to get you back on track.