Need help making a splash this summer? CampaignHQ can use Telephone Townhalls, Automated Calls, Peer-to-Peer Text Messaging, and Live Calls to help you outpace your competition. 

Our experts have assembled four tried and true, budget-friendly strategies you can implement NOW to put your campaign in the lead.

1. Post-Primary Unity Building: Bringing your base together is essential, especially after a tough primary battle. A Telephone Townhall is a great way to showcase your candidate, promote high profile party endorsements, recruit volunteers, and speak directly to engaged voters.

2. Volunteer Recruitment: Building your grassroots army shouldn’t take all of your time and effort. Instead, let CHQ help. 

Our team can accurately and quickly generate a list of potential volunteers for your campaign. We’ll use Automated Calls, Peer-to-Peer Text Messages, or Live Calls for a more personalized touch.

3. Coalition Building: Activate and leverage different coalitions so you can capture each and every vote. Veterans, Second Amendment supporters, and farmers or ranchers are just a few examples of effective coalitions that can help your campaign.

We can activate these coalitions with Automated Calls, Peer-to-Peer Text Messages, and Live Calls.

4. Event Turnout: Let us take the stress of event planning off your shoulders. 

With Calls and Texts, we can quickly inform voters about event locations, dates, and times. Not only will your targets receive the information, but you can also track RSVPs!

Don’t spend your summer waiting for November, spend it preparing for November.

Whether it’s with Telephone Townhalls, Automated Calls, Peer-to-Peer Texts, or Live Calls, the CampaignHQ team has what it takes to get you across the finish line.

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