Hello my faithful human fur-iends. It’s me, Waffles, the Chief Canine Officer at CampaignHQ. I’m back again with my yearly update from the trenches. If you’re new here, you can count on me to be your furry correspondent so you can find out what REALLY happens at CampaignHQ. 

Let’s get to it, because I’ve got to get back to my patrol at the front door. I mean, how will anyone know we have a visitor if I don’t bark their entrance for the whole office to hear? 

We’ve been working our tails off over here. 

We branched out this year, opening a new office in Washington, D.C. This has meant a lot of new work for me. I’ve had to train our new additions on how to give a proper belly rub, and I taught them which treats are my favorites. Of course, this means I’m now a jet-setter.  If you haven’t been by the new place, come check it out when I’m in town – we could even go on walks to the nearby coffee shop. 

If I’m being honest, I spend most of my time napping. That’s the best part about working with the CampaignHQ team – you can give them your biggest challenges and then kick back and relax because they’ve got you covered. Let me just give you a couple examples:

Need to figure out who your voters are and turn them out at the polls? The CampaignHQ team are pawsitively experts at live calls, automated calls, and peer-to-peer text messages.

Need to make your tight budget go a little further?

Just like me with my favorite squeaky toy, the CampaignHQ team will squeeze every last phone call and text out of your voter contact budget thanks to their top-notch data team, strategic plan, and targeted messages. 

Need to reach a large audience all at once? 

The CampaignHQ team is pawsome when it comes to executing telephone townhalls

Did you hear the joke about why the politician brought a map to D.C.? He needed help finding his way to his own promises!

That reminds me, if you need to hold politicians accountable, CampaignHQ will help you do that, too

Whether it’s patch through calls, telephone townhalls, or issue impact pages, these guys really know how to hold lawmakers’ paws to the fire. 

Well, that about does it for me. Now it’s time for you to unleash the CampaignHQ team on your next challenge. Oh, and never forget, if you want a friend in Washington…you should get a dog. Or a CampaignHQ team member.

Send all your friends who need to win this year our way.