The infamous 72 hour push. We know you and your team have been working so hard and the end is in sight. Don’t let your campaign sink…well, like the Titanic.

We’ll never let you go – we’re staying here all weekend to help you with your final push. 

We’re here to help you WIN your election. It’s not too late, we can help. Our team is standing by, waiting to be activated in your race. 

Let us go to work for you this weekend and help you Get Out The Vote.

Live Calls
Our award-winning team knows how to GOTV and talking one-on-one with CampaignHQ professionals is a dependable way to bank votes on Election Day.

Automated Calls
Quickaffordable, and far reaching. We can get automated calls set up quickly. We can typically have an automated call scheduled or launched within 30 minutes of receipt of approved sound file and data.

It’s too late for a mail piece, too tricky to get a TV ad off in time, the Facebook overlords have shut down advertising – let’s reach voters in a targeted way with a text message from your candidate or a link to show them where to vote on Election Day.

In the run up to Election Day, remember we’re here for you, no matter what may come up. 

Give me a call at (888) 722-4704 and let’s get across the finish line together.