What you need to know to Win on Election Day

We know how hard you’ve been working and how fast things are moving and that you want to be the one Winning Election Day is in sight. We’re ready to help your GOTV operation during this vital time. Let us help you turnout your voters so you can win. 

GOTV Calls

Phone calls can significantly impact your voter turnout on Election Day. By using GOTV calls, you can make sure voters know exactly where they’re going, what time the polls open and any other details they need in order to cast a ballot for you.

GOTV Texts

This is a great way to not only increase your Election Day turnout but also clear up confusion about voting, mishaps at polling locations, fight disinformation on Election Day, or remind your supporters who haven’t returned absentee ballots how they can still cast their vote. Having a real time conversation with a voter about Election Day is a valuable resource for your campaign.

Election Day Auto Calls

These are quick, affordable and far-reaching ways to boost your Election Day turnout. Auto calls will help you effectively reach seniors and ensure they hear from you before Election Day.

1-Call us at 888-722-4704 or email 

2-We’ll work with you to develop your plan

3-Our full-service team will take care of everything, start to finish, to help you WIN!

Don’t hold anything back now. Put the CampaignHQ team to work for you today. Let’s get across the finish line together.