We know your GOP campaign is already underway – primary candidates have announced and are lining up their team, even more will come on board in the next few months. If it feels like you’re behind, take a deep breath and give CampaignHQ a call, we’ll get you headed in the right direction. 

We’re lining up GOP campaigns right now with Voter ID Calls, Telephone Townhalls and laying the groundwork for GOTV methods. 

The time to start identifying your supporters is now! Voter ID will help you find out what issues the voters in your district care about most so you can better target paid media strategies. Our team of experts will help you narrow down exactly who you want to turn out on Election Day and craft a strategy to target those undecided voters. 

An effective and safe way to reach many voters all at once is with a Telephone Townhall event. Rally your supporters and build trust with undecided voters. The CampaignHQ team will help you along the way with scripts, recordings, professional assistance, and everything in between. Whether it’s texting invitations, or providing you the recap so you can share on your social channels, we’ll help you make the most of it. 

It’s never too early to be thinking about GOTV – how are you going to get your best supporters to the polls? Let the experts at CampaignHQ help with strategies that will have a significant impact on your Election Day turnout. GOTV calls and texts can help you clarify details about polling locations or how and when to return an absentee ballot. 

No matter when your election is, we can help you develop strategies TODAY that will put your GOP campaign on the road to success for the 2022 election cycle. Let’s talk