Support your issue with Patch Through Calls.

Your bill is coming up for a vote this week, what’s the best way to let lawmakers know voters support your issue? How will you be able to pull everything together in time to actually make a difference?

Don’t panic. Call CampaignHQ.     

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We know the challenges you face:

  • Not getting enough votes to support your issue
  • Choosing the “right way” to contact voters to connect with lawmakers
  • Wasting time or money contacting the wrong ones

CampaignHQ will work as an extension of your office to help you win your public policy battles by educating and activating constituents.

One highly effective, affordable, and FAST way to do that is with Patch Through Calls. 

Back in 2016, the New York Times conducted interviews with several experts, handling the day-to-day communications for elected officials. The biggest takeaway was the very best way to deliver your message to them is through the phone. Whether it’s social media, snail mail, or even in-person visits, nothing has the same weight to a congressional office as a large volume of calls. What’s more, the better the person could articulate the issue, the more effective the call.

Here’s how it works – with our patch through program, we’ll call your universe, educate them about your issue, patch them through to their particular legislator, and let them inform the lawmaker how they’d like them to vote.

Elected officials need constituent input and are moved to action by hearing from their friends and neighbors. When you need support for your issue, patch through calls will help you make a big change.