With the COVID19 pandemic showing no signs of letting up, candidates up and down the ballot are unable to communicate with 2020 General Election voters.

So, with the future of the country at stake, how can you spread your message, but not your germs with voters? CampaignHQ can help!

CampaignHQ is open and spreading the message for hundreds of candidates across the nation!

We are helping elected officials and candidates have a real-time interactive conversation with thousands of people via telephone townhall.

These telephone townhalls allow voters to engage directly with candidates and elected leaders by asking questions, answering polls, and voicing their opinionsAt the end of each event, CampaignHQ will immediately provide you clear reports, actionable data, and a recording of your event. 

We will help you put this valuable content to good use, even after your event is over, by:

  1. Sending a 60 second sound clip to your landline audience that did not participate in the call. We can even ask them a follow-up poll question!
  2. Sharing MP4 video via P2P conTEXT, featuring a sound clip from your event and inviting the voter to engage in a two-way conversation.  

CampaignHQ can help you to have the effective Voter ID, advocacy, and GOTV you planned for!

ID your voters with a quick automated survey or conTEXT peer to peer text message.

Advocate for your candidate with live calls, automated calls, and conTEXT messaging.

Get Out The Vote with a telephone townhall, live calls, automated calls, and conTEXT.

We have a solution for your messaging problem!

Whether you’re battling a global pandemic or a tough opponent, you need more than just a phone vendor. You need a strategic partner like CampaignHQ, invested in crafting a communication plan to move voters and help you win. 

Give us a call at (888) 722-4704, and let’s set up a time to talk.