Reaching the right voters can be overwhelming.

There are many challenges to overcome:

  • Not getting enough votes or support to win your race or your issue
  • Choosing the “right” way to contact voters
  • Wasting your time contacting the wrong voters
  • Crafting a message voters won’t understand 
  • Getting the most value for your money

At CampaignHQ we help you identify, persuade, and turnout voters, by phone and text, to move the needle so you can win.

An Extension of your Campaign

We help you win close races using live calls, automated calls, and full-service texting – we do all the work so your staff and volunteers can focus where they have the biggest impact.

More voter contact for your money

We focus on making sure you get the most value for your calls and texts so you don’t waste time and money contacting people who won’t or can’t vote for you or your issue. This has saved campaigns up to 40% on their overall voter contact budget.

Voter Contact Experts

The CampaignHQ team will help you squeeze every last phone call and text out of your voter contact budget with a strategic plan, message targeting, and data management. Our team will make your message stand out with our proven script-writing process and with rules changing every day, we’ll make sure you stay in compliance.

Win Your Election

CampaignHQ helps Republican candidates and conservative organizations win elections. Whether you want to identify, persuade or turnout voters, we’ll deliver your message with calling or texting, including:

  • Voter ID
  • Persuasion / Advocacy
  • GOTV (Get out the Vote)
  • Absentee or early voting

Win Your Issue

If you need to move or persuade elected officials in your public policy battles, we can educate and activate constituents to help you win.

We can mobilize people to support your cause with:

  • Telephone townhalls
  • Patch through calls and texts
  • Telephone petition drives


Let’s get started

Schedule a call

Meet with a CampaignHQ team member to discuss your election or issue advocacy campaign challenges. 

Contact Us

Develop your plan

With your budget, goals, and timeline in mind, we’ll craft a strategy and message to help you identify, persuade, or turnout your target audience.

Win your race/issue

Our full-service team will take care of everything, start to finish. We’ll write your script, execute your calls, deliver your texts, train and schedule our team on your messages, manage your lists, handle the software, compliance and delivery issues, and dive deep on your data. All you need to do is watch your inbox for the results. 

At CampaignHQ, we understand what motivates Republican candidates, political consultants, and issue advocacy leaders like you: Winning elections and advancing the conservative agenda.

To accomplish your goals, you need to effectively identify, persuade, and turnout voters, or mobilize people to pressure their elected officials. The problem is that reaching the right people is time-consuming, overwhelming, and increasingly uncertain.

We believe you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time doing it all yourself. At CampaignHQ, we know how to effectively combine live telephone calls, full-service text messaging, automated messages, and telephone townhalls to help you win.

Here’s how it works. Schedule a call with a CHQ expert to discuss your campaign or issues. With your budget and goals in mind, we’ll craft a strategy to identify, persuade, and mobilize your target audience. Then our full-service team will take care of everything, start to finish.

Don’t risk losing a close election by just a few votes! Schedule your calls and texts with CampaignHQ today.

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