On Election Day, Pat McMath lost the general election for District 11 in the Louisiana State Senate by 40% to 47%. That was enough to punch Pat’s ticket to the runoff election, where he still had a real chance at winning.

The experts at CampaignHQ worked with the McMath team to turn things around by communicating with voters through peer-to-peer texting.  

With the right messaging and data, we were able to really introduce voters to Pat, illustrate his status as a political outsider, and ask voters if they planned to vote for him. We were able to gain valuable voter ID information and also engage with voters directly, having effective one-on-one conversations.

An effective peer-to-peer campaign works, and can increase voter turnout in your election, but only if you have the right team, the right message and the right plan. Pat won his runoff election with 56% of the vote.

We can help you win too.