Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the race to Election Day turns into a sprint. Don’t be caught flatfooted! We’ve created a helpful checklist to make sure you’re reaching the right people, at the right time, to carry your team to victory in November. 

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We all know, voters need to be reminded to vote…multiple times.

COVID – 19 has thrown off our routines, and voters’ already hectic schedules are even more crazy. 

We can help you reach the right people for your GOTV efforts by texting cell phones, making live calls, or automated calls to landlines. Better yet – do all three!

If you know what issue most resonates with your undecided voters, CampaignHQ can assist you in targeting that voter with a very specific message. Was that individual voting on economic development? Infrastructure? Immigration? 

CampaignHQ can help you craft a message that quickly assures the voter that your candidate stands with them.Don’t make the mistake of not leaving a voicemail. If you are still collecting data, we can dial through the list twice before we leave a voicemail. Remember, some people will NEVER pick up their phone. If you don’t leave a voicemail, you are leaving that voter on the table. Live calls

CampaignHQ can do live ID calls, either completely blind or on behalf of your candidate/organization. We also do persuasion calls, where we advocate on behalf of your candidate or issue. You want to tell voters why you are the best choice!

Live calls to low propensity voters can help make a difference in your race. 

Once you know which voting groups are most likely to support your campaign, you need to make sure every single voter in that bloc gets out to vote, whether that’s voting absentee, voting early, or in-person at the polls. 

We need to contact these people and let them know how critical it is that they vote! These voters can mean the difference between victory and defeat!Automated Calls 

As the days tick down toward election day, you may be scrambling for any last-minute votes and want to ensure that ALL of your supporters turnout. 

This is where an automated call comes in handy! Friendly priced, far reaching, and quick! 

You can remind your low propensity voters how, when, and where to vote for you. Life is even more hectic and unpredictable than usual. Voting locations and procedures have changed. In a close race, you don’t want to miss out on easy votes. 

If you are trying to move undecided voters, use a trusted voice in the community to urge undecided voters to support you. 

Automated calls are an incredibly effective way to reach seniors. AARP reports that 64.2% of those 18-24 have only wireless phones and 63.9% of those 34-44 have wireless phones only. But when you jump to those 45-64, 52.9% have landline phones and 76.1% of those 65 or older still utilize their land line phone.

We can get your automated calls set up quickly. We can typically have an automated call scheduled or launched within 30 minutes of receipt of approved sound file and dataPeer-to-Peer Text

It’s quick, it’s convenient, it’s effective. CampaignHQ can help you send out a peer to peer text message reminding voters to vote. We can send a link to their polling location, and/or message from the candidate. If there are problems at the polls, you can announce that in a text as well.

CampaignHQ can send a peer to peer 160 character message or a message with an image, mp4, mp3, or GIF attached, to help your GOTV appeal.
 Including an image enhances the reception of the message. Including an image also grants you the ability to insert additional text.CampaignHQ is running alongside you in this final sprint toward the finish line.
We are here to help you define your target universe, write your script, create your media message, and make quality calls for you and your efforts! Our team is excited to stand with you and your candidate to victory!