Is your opponent hitting you hard? The media coverage has been less than favorable? Want to share a story that really shows voters what your candidate is really all about? 

Don’t feel attacked, let’s get to work. 

We’re here to help you WIN your election. It’s not too late for conTEXT messages.Our conTEXT messages are two-way conversations with a real person who can help engage members of your target audience.

Our talented conTEXT agents send personalized messages, pictures, and GIFs. Besides the typical ways you can use this service – identify and persuade voters, increase turnout, mobilize activists – you can also use it to fight back when you’re being attacked by your opponent. 

Set the record straight, send a video message and cut through all the noise and speak directly to voters with a text. Then let our experienced professionals have a conversation that puts those voters back in your corner.

In the run up to Election Day, remember we’re here for you, no matter what may come up. 

Give me a call at (888) 722-4704 and let’s get across the finish line together.