If you’re an issue advocacy organization, social media platforms are no longer a dependable way to to effectively communicate.

During the last election cycle, issue advocacy professionals were caught off guard when Facebook abruptly banned advertising the week leading up to the election. Thus, when candidates were under attack, they were unable to respond through social media channels. Therefore, when Facebook decided to extend this ban into the winter months, this became even more problematic for runoff campaigns and special elections.

CampaignHQ can help you get out of just trying to buy more ads and yet win your issues. 

Telephone townhalls 

First, telephone townhalls are an effective way to communicate a message to an audience of thousands. Update your membership and keep them engaged on your issues.

Patch through calls and texts 

Secondly, you can identify, educate, and activate voters through patch through calls. This tactic will help you target the fence sitters and focus your resources.

Petition drives 

Finally, you can quickly build membership or support for your issue with petition drives. Our CampaignHQ representatives explain your cause and ask the voter to add his/her name to your petition, collect emails, and recruit volunteers. 

Whatever your issue, the CampaignHQ team of experts is ready to help you with. Make your issues have a real impact – call us today to get started right away.