When social media has shut down ads for campaigns, it’s time to turn to GOP campaign text messages.

A last minute attack by your opponent.

A polling location change.

A few more undecided voters that need to be persuaded.

You can no longer rely on social media for last minute changes to get your message directly to voters.

If you’re a campaign, why are you continuing to rely on Big Tech to deliver your message? Implementing small changes today can help you communicate directly with the people who need to hear your message and mobilize them to take action. The sooner you start expanding your options, the less reliant you will be on social media and your effort can adjust seamlessly when the inevitable happens.

Our full-service team will take care of everything, start to finish – saving you time, resources, bandwidth, and maybe even your election. 

CampaignHQ’s 100% Full-Service Team Will:

-Write your message, including replies

-Advise and edit creatives, including videos, images, and GIFs

-Manage your list: Stop wasting money texting landlines, wrong numbers, or opt-outs

-Train and schedule our team to send your messages, and read and respond to replies

-Handle all software, compliance, and delivery issues

-Return your data in a meaningful, useful way at exactly the right time

Don’t have the time, resources, or bandwidth to do it all by yourself? We’ve got you covered! Consider us an extension of your CampaignHQ. You can’t afford to risk leaving any votes on the table by failing to reach your target audience.

 Contact us at 1-888-722-4704 or by email.