If you want to win your campaign, what you say matters. Check out CampaignHQ Script Writing Secrets Revealed.

  • Know your purpose
  • It’s not a speech, it’s a conversation
  • Write from the listener’s point of view
  • Let the agent breathe

These are some of CampaignHQ President Nicole Schlinger’s secrets to script writing that she discusses in this CampaignHQ Insiders presentation.

The CampaignHQ team will help you squeeze every last phone call and text out of your voter contact budget with a strategic plan, message targeting, and data management. Our team will make your message stand out with our proven script-writing process and with rules changing every day, we’ll make sure you stay in compliance.

When it comes to the best way to write an effective phone script to help you win your campaign or your issue, call CampaignHQ.

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