If you’re trying to advance a policy agenda, it can be frustrating and expensive to run large scale advertising campaigns. More often than not, you wouldn’t even have the time to orchestrate one if you wanted to. 

You have to find a way to cut through the noise and get elected officials to hear your message directly from the constituents who elected them.

CampaignHQ President Nicole Schlinger, recently joined Campaigns & Elections for a webinar highlighting how you can combine campaign-style tactics like patch through calls, peer-to-peer texting, telephone townhalls, and door-to-door canvassing with your air and digital campaign to mobilize a grassroots army to advocate for (or against) issues that matter most to you.

These highly effective tools, often used by campaigns, will educate constituents on your issue and connect them directly to lawmakers, whether through a phone, text, or email. 

But it’s more than simply sending a call or a text – you need a highly effective script, top notch data management, and consistent messaging to get the results you want. We have perfected the highly effective techniques used to win challenging public policy battles across the country.

Learn more about our newest innovation, Issue Impact Pages, to quickly generate a large volume of constituent emails to any state or federal officeholder in the country. Unlike similar services, we work at the speed of campaigns! Your Issue Impact Pages are live within 24-48 hours, with no long-term commitment or subscription requirement. (Watch Nicole share an amazing case study on this at 1:24 in the following video).

No matter your issue, if you need to move or persuade elected officials in your public policy battles, the CampaignHQ team can educate and activate constituents to help you WIN. 

Click here to watch the full webinar.