Time to boost your message with campaign phones. Your campaign is rolling. The digital ads are running, mail is dropping, and you’ve secured your TV buys. Now what? Don’t forget the phone!

The way in which we communicate by phone has changed, but the value of having a personal conversations has not. Particularly in down ballot race where name recognition and turnout are low, persuasive conversations by phone and text are proven to move numbers.

Regardless of the size of your race, phones are an effective tool. Lucky for you, we’re the experts at using phones to win your race. Our full-service team is ready to get you set up with:

Live or Automated GOTV calls

Leverage an important endorsement and reach seniors more effectively with automated calls. 

Combat voter confusion with live calls. Candidates who take advantage of real, two-way conversations with voters are going to have a major advantage over those who just blast their information in your face.

GOTV Texts

Share a campaign video directly to voters phones, refute an attack, remind voters where their polling location is, or send links and emojis. There are countless ways to leverage GOTV text messages.

Telephone Townhalls

A telephone townhall helps you reach a large audience directly and lets the voters interact with you, showing them that you’re ready, able, and willing to speak with them and answer their questions.

Now that you’ve put your campaign plan in motion, let us help give you the edge with a well-planned phone campaign.