When you need to build support with a telephone petition drive.

We understand what it takes to achieve your public policy goals. You need to effectively identify, persuade, and mobilize people to pressure their elected officials. Most of the time you need it to happen FAST. 

The problem is, reaching the right people is time-consuming, overwhelming, and increasingly uncertain. The experts at CampaignHQ can help.

Let’s talk about how you can use telephone petition drives to win your issue. 

telephone petition drive

You can quickly build membership or support for your issue with a telephone petition drive.

Our experts explain your cause and invite people to add their name to your petition in support or opposed to a particular policy. For those who agree, we collect their email address and ask them to lend their voice to your issue. You can effectively build a grassroots army that you can mobilize right away or later in your public policy battles.

Telephone petition drives work best with issues that provoke a strong response, like an increase to the gas tax. These can also be an effective tool far beyond controversial issues. As a result, people who agree to lend their name are asked for their email address and to volunteer for your organization in the future.

Each day, you receive a list of newly recruited, enthusiastic supporters to immediately plug into your grassroots efforts.

In this day in age, if you’re working to influence lawmakers and don’t have a plan to mobilize the grassroots, you’re missing the mark completely.