It’s time for advocacy calls. Across the country, the gavels are dropping. As legislatures and Congress come back from an election season, what are you going to do with the opportunities in front of you? Things will pick up quickly. They’re forming committees and filing bills. Before you know it, legislation will start moving through the process. Additionally, you do not want to be behind before things even get off the ground. The experts at CampaignHQ will help you make a plan. 

How about issue advocacy calls

advocacy calls

As a matter of fact, issue advocacy calls can be incredibly helpful in many number of circumstances. Moreover, the experts at CampaignHQ can help you with their vast knowledge and years of experience on identifying voters and advocating a message through a smart combination of live and automated calling. We will help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Educate your membership or constituents and influence lawmakers with Patch Through Calls.
  • Update your membership or constituents and keep them engaged on your issues and where they are in the legislative process with Telephone Townhalls
  • Quickly build membership, support, or collect valuable email addresses with Telephone Petition Drives. 

Our persistent, knowledgable, and effective campaign representatives will provide the tools you need to win your issue. Let’s talk.