We will help you plan for early voters

While the GOP has made great strides in targeting absentee ballots over the years, we still have work to do. You have a plan for turning out voters on Election Day. You need a similar plan for those who are voting early – whether that’s in-person or by mail.

Making your mark during early voting can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The CampaignHQ team wants to help give you the winning edge all the time, but especially when it comes to absentee ballots! 

Peer-to-Peer Texting for Chasing Absentee Ballots

The ways to use texting in your early voting plan are endless. You could send a link to encourage voters to request a ballot and track that link. You could also text a video, gif, or sound file outlining campaign messaging to those who have requested a ballot. The best part, CampaignHQ experts handle everything for you, from start to finish.

Auto Calls for Chasing Absentee Ballots

In tight races, auto calls can make a significant impact and help you win. These can be especially effective when it comes to early voting. You could send out a call from a respected member of the community or high-profile endorser to voters who request a ballot. You can send a quick and affordable call to your voters who you want to make sure actually return their ballots. These calls are versatile, FAST and expand the voting margins in tight races. 

Data Management

From start to finish, the dedicated data experts at CampaignHQ will manage your valuable data. Whether it’s creating lists, cleaning them, or keeping you compliant on election laws for phones, our team knows how to most effectively reach voters, interpret the data from your projects, and return it back to you, clean and easy. 

Live Calls for Chasing Absentee Ballots

Live calls are vital to your absentee efforts. This will allow your campaign to have a one-on-one conversation while not bogging down your volunteers. Our trained experts will be able to clear up any confusion a voter may have, reinforce your messaging with a live person, or chase ballots for you, producing high quality data for your team. 

When it comes to winning your race or issue, the CampaignHQ team has a plan to help you connect with more voters, even before the ballots have been cast. Schedule a call with us or email us today so we can get to work for you.