I’m really proud of the hardworking team we’ve built here at CampiagnHQ; our employees truly are what set us above all the rest. We set forth high standards and it shows in our work.

Sam Stern recently joined the CampaignHQ family as a Data Management Specialist. He has already adapted to our fast-paced, flexible, and fun work environment. He’s even made us homemade pickles!Sam graduated from Auburn University in 2017 with a degree in Software Engineering and went to work for Murphy Nasica in Dallas, Texas, where he managed data, created reports, and developed automated processes to streamline work flows.

With Sam’s combined political and data management experience, he can do much more than simply produce an accurate report. Because Sam understands what you are trying to accomplish, he can anticipate your needs rather than just react to them. He often knows what you want, even before you do!

Not everyone can handle the long hours, tough campaigns, and overall intensity of working in a political field, but Sam feels strongly about helping Conservatives win up and down the ballot.

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“I am ready to put my software and data knowledge to good use, helping you to be successful.”

Sam is one member of an amazing team of dedicated, qualified employees at CampaignHQ that can help you win!

So the next time you have a phone campaign you need executed, give us a call! From the campaign directors who will take in your project, to the data team working hard to prepare and secure your data, to our operations team who will execute professional calls and peer to peer text messages – CampaignHQ is committed to the Conservative cause.From the company president to our wonderful summer interns, we strive to provide unique and unmatched value to your campaign.

Give us a call today 888-722-4704 and our A+ team will get to work on your next project.