WIth the 2020 Pollie Awards, “Awards Season” is coming to an end. Some say the Pollie Awards are the highest honor an organization in politics can achieve.

Here at CampaignHQ we agree, winning a Pollie Award does mean that you are the best of the best, however, we believe the biggest award we can win is on election day when we see our candidates and campaigns WIN!

In fact, this year alone we have helped a write in candidate win at the state level in Virginia, changed the narrative on a state Senate candidate and helped him climb from second to a 10 point win in the runoff, and shared thousands of advocacy and GOTV messages!

Please join us in putting our clients in the spotlight with the amazing achievements we have accomplished as a TEAM!

“I’m so proud of our team for their hard work and expertise in providing the highest quality calls for our clients. They deserve these recognitions. We are ready to celebrate even more victories with our clients in 2020!”

Nicole Schlinger, President of CampaignHQ

CampaignHQ is more than just a call center. Our callers are committed conservatives. Our mission is to make sure your message is not just delivered … it is truly heard! We find passionate people and train them to communicate your message over the phone to produce amazing results.

The next time you need an important message delivered to landlines or mobile phones give CampaignHQ a call. We offer creative solutions, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, and legendary customer service!